The Reality of Burial Insurance with Cholesterol Medication

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Are you taking medication for high cholesterol and are searching for burial insurance? If so, do you know what affects cholesterol medication will have when you apply?

Here’s the Truth.

Affordable burial insurance is not hard to find. No, really, not even if you take cholesterol medication. We have worked with countless customers who take cholesterol medication. We did it for them; we can do it for you.

This article will demonstrate what the underwriting policy is and how to get the best coverage. If you finish reading this and still have questions, let us know. We are here to help you.

The Scoop on Burial Insurance and Cholesterol Medication

It might come as a surprise, but final expense life insurance companies are unconcerned about high cholesterol.  You won’t have an issue finding quality insurance.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

Burial insurance applications do have questions about cholesterol issues or the medications associated with them. A person with excellent health will pay the same rate as you. As if that’s not good enough, there will be no coverage waiting period.

No Physical or Medical Exam is Required for Burial Insurance

It’s not a hidden fact that high cholesterol increases the chance of stroke or heart problems. But, merely managing your LDL levels is a complete nonissue when applying for burial insurance.

High Cholesterol Underwriting

Essentially, there is none. It’s as transparent as that. Insurance companies don’t ask about high cholesterol on burial applications. Moreover, all medications are accepted. Even if you are taking multiple high cholesterol medications, it will not be an issue.

Remember, if it is not on the burial insurance application, it won’t affect the policy.

By now, you have probably soaked in the information that securing burial insurance is not a laborious process if you are taking cholesterol medication. 

However, if you have any other health issues, be aware that they will factor in the underwriting process. Final expense life insurance companies will ask various questions depending on their coverage policies. 

It is essential to know this. Just because high cholesterol is acceptable under their system doesn’t mean other health conditions are.

What’s the Bottom Line Here? It is of extreme importance to be upfront about all of your health conditions. We need to know everything to thoroughly assess your situation and determine which insurance carriers will be most appropriate for you.

About Al Kushner
Al Kushner
He is a recognized financial educator, best-selling author, speaker, underwriting specialist and the founder & CEO of Superior Mutual, an independent insurance agency. He has helped families and individuals preserve, protect, and pass on a legacy since 1986. His mission is helping hard working seniors keep more of what they have worked a lifetime to save.

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