The Reality of Burial Insurance After Stent Surgery

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Trying to get life insurance after heart stent surgery might seem difficult however it doesn’t have to be

High-risk life insurance can sometimes be challenging, but reputable agents like ours have dealt with similar cases couple of times. If you have experienced any blockage in the arteries and need surgery to place stents, you will understand that this is a common procedure. Today, we will take you through how you can simply obtain a life insurance policy if you ever been stent patient as much as possible:

Here are the Main Lessons You Would Learn in this Article

You may take out life insurance after heart stent surgery. As a general rule, if a stent is in place and there are no more problems, you can get life insurance at standard rates after six months of waiting for an application after surgery.

How to Secure Life Insurance After a Stent Surgery

Luckily, various technology available nowadays has afforded human the opportunity to safely and effectively prolong a person’s life and help reduce the risk of further heart problems.

All life insurers are well aware of this and will often provide some type of life insurance policy. However, if you have ever been denied a life insurance coverage because you had a stent surgery, then you have

When it comes to getting life insurance coverage for people that have a stent, expect a life insurance company to assess you like this.

For anyone who has used a stent but has no complications from surgery or other health issues, that person may qualify for standard rates if enough time has elapsed.

The More Time Spent with Constant Monitoring, the Better it Becomes

Ultimately, it will depend on the individual life insurer and its policies.

If you are an applicant that has more than one stent in place and also has possibly had a heart attack, then you will be eligible for less favorable rates; these are referred to as substandard rates and known as “Table ratings” in our industry.

Again, this will depend on each insurance company and their type of policies.

Some life insurance companies may deny coverage, while others will start with a base table rating, but then ask detailed questions to determine the final rating.

Waiting Six Months Before You Apply for Life Insurance After Stent Surgery

While it is possible to get suitable life insurance coverage, you need to consider a number of factors before applying for life insurance coverage if you have had stent surgery.

All life insurance companies are determined to make you wait for six months before you can apply for life insurance coverage; this is done so that if complications occur as a result of the operation, they will occur within the first six months after the operation.

Their policy is always to give time for surgery and physical healing, so they will not process any application before that time.

Underwriting Heart Stents When Applying for Life Insurance

Below are some of the possible question’s insurers will ask if you have undergone surgery to put the stent in place:

  • How many stents did you have in place?
  • Was there anything that led to the need for stents, like a heart attack or stroke?
  • What was the result of your last stress test, and when last did you had the test?
  • When was the stent put in place?
  • What are the medications in your prescription?
  • What was the last stress test result, and which date did you take the test?
  • Have you made any positive lifestyle changes after surgery, such as quitting smoking or starting a fitness plan or fitness regime?
  • Have you experienced any chest pains after surgery?

If you cannot provide answers to these questions, you don’t have to be scared; we can still provide you an estimate of your rates. However, you have to keep it in mind that it won’t be completely accurate.

That being said, without answering these questions about stent surgery, your life insurance agent will not be able to assess your specific risk accurately.

Therefore, be always prepared that if a life insurance agent does not ask you these questions, they will not make an offer that will fully meet your needs.

If you have experienced any chest pain after the stent operation, all insurers will automatically reject your application.

If your stent surgery was performed over five years ago without complications or additional treatment, you might get life insurance that does not need you to undergo a medical exam.

The best procedure to search for suitable and affordable life insurance for any applicants having these types of health problems, such as someone who needs diabetes life insurance quotes, is to look for an independent consultant who can understand the perceptions of each life insurers.

If you have ever been denied a life insurance coverage before, but do not understand why it might mean you are looking in the wrong place.

We are always turning declines into having a life insurance coverage as we are specialist at dealing with higher risk.

If you are currently having heart problems or even serious health complications, reach out to us, and we will check with all our life insurers to find the best deal for you.

Guaranteed Life Insurance is Available for Any Stent Patient

Also, we have graded death benefit policies that are available at highly competitive rates, which ensures that most of our clients have some type of life insurance coverage.

These plans make medical underwriting easier, which further makes getting approval simple.

There is a waiting period of 2 years, which starts as soon as you sign the insurance plan documents.

If you pass away in the first two years of the policy, your family will not be entitled for an. Instead, they will receive a refund of the premiums you have paid up to that point.

Here’s one way in which the insurer can even up with the risk of your surgery.

After the two years waiting period, your policy will work as a traditional insurance policy.

Collaborate with an agency like ours to get life insurance if you have had a Heart Stent Surgery.

Getting Life Insurance After Undergoing Heart Stent Surgery Does Not Have to Come with Complications

As an agency, our sole aim is to offer a comprehensive and extensive service to our potential clients and strive to build a relationship with you based on our understanding of your individual needs.

Our life insurance agents are made up of highly qualified consultants who will discuss your needs and assess the level of insurance coverage you need putting into consideration the stents and adapted according to your personal lifestyle.

We are always confident that we can find all life insurance options suitable for our clients, which are specifically tailored to suits their needs and offer the highest level of insurance coverage at the best price possible.

Our agents have many years of experience helping applicants tagged as being “High risk” to obtain the coverage they need, and this, beyond doubt, includes applicants who have recently have stent surgery.

It does not matter whether you have been refused life insurance coverage before; it should not make you conclude that you wouldn’t qualify for insurance coverage.

Irrespective of your health or other conditions, there are many available quality options you can get.  Do not delay again before you obtain a life insurance coverage; reach out to one of our agents, and we would be excited to get you started.

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