Surefire Way to Get Burial Insurance with Dialysis

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Lately, it’s no news, neither is it surprising that when on dialysis, getting life insurance is close to almost impossible.

While this might be the truth in most cases, being on dialysis takes you out or reduces your chances of qualifying for the traditional life insurance, that’s a different story for burial insurance.

Yeah, you read that right, burial insurance.

Even when you are on a dialysis for a failing kidney, you can still get a new burial insurance policy.

At Superior Mutual, we have adequate experience in helping people with renal diseases who are going through dialysis.

We had the option to support them, and today we will show you precisely how you can meet all requirements for the most affordable burial insurance policy conceivable. 

In this article, you will figure out how burial insurance companies respond to dialysis candidates, what reasonable choices you will have, and how you can locate the most awesome funeral policy. 

Here’s the Truth about Burial Insurance on Dialysis 

If it’s not too much trouble, you should be careful of what you read online on this topic. We realize that most clients will explore numerous sites before settling on a consensus.

We are here to present to you the brutal truth since we would prefer not to delude you. Mind you, a lot of things you read online as regards burial insurance on dialysis is very wrong. 

Most importantly, you can get a policy even as you are on your dialysis. Nonetheless, the thing you should know and acknowledge is that no life insurance company on the planet will provide you with a policy that protects you at all during the first 24 months.

Being on dialysis implies you should wait this 24 months before the insurer pays out a death claim. Should you somehow happened to pass during the initial two years, the insurer would discount all the charges you have ever paid in addition to interest. 

We know and comprehend that it’s disappointing to find out that it’s difficult to get coverage that secures you in any form during the initial two years.

We employ you not to think we are making this up. Like we referenced, the main objective is to bring you the real truth. 

Be sure to leave here with the notion that you just need to look for a company that will cover you quickly, however, you will be searching forever to achieve that. You won’t fid it anywhere.

Why There Is a Need to Wait as a Dialysis Patient

The reality of this circumstance is that individuals on dialysis have an essentially lower life expectancy than normal individuals. This is the reason no company will give you coverage without a holding up time of at least two years. 

Luckily, following your physician’s instructions and diligently taking your dialysis medicines can prolong your life for numerous years.

Without a doubt, you are on a transfer list, so we trust and implore that one day a donor will come through for you. As a result, burial insurance is still truly available to you. It’s simply going to have the previously mentioned waiting up period. 

How Final Expense Companies Underwrite Dialysis 

The vast majority know about the term endorsing or underwriting. It is just how the insurance company determines the level of your risk level to assess eligibility.

Companies offering burial insurance will make an inquiry regarding your health and investigate your prescription history to underwrite your application. 

Despite how they discover it, burial life insurance companies have two reactions to candidates on dialysis. 

1. They deny you coverage out and out 

2. They offer you an arrangement with at least a long-term waiting period alongside a lot higher month to month premium. Most insurers will get some information about dialysis in the following ways, or something as the same as this: 

Have you ever gotten or been encouraged to get kidney dialysis? 

A few companies may attach a particular timeframe to their inquiry like this: 

Within the last 1 year, have you ever gotten or been encouraged to get kidney dialysis? 

Regardless of how the information was received, you can’t deny the fact that dialysis will create your one and only option.

How to Get Burial Insurance While on Dialysis 

When going through current dialysis treatment, your only choice to secure another burial policy is to take out what’s known as a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

There are no health questions on these types of policies. Moreover, they don’t check your clinical history in any way. 

Be that as it may, here’s the kicker with these 

Regardless of what insurance company gives a guaranteed acceptance life policy, there are some general facts you have to think about them. 

1. There will be at least a two-year holding up period. There are a couple of life insurance companies that require 3 years; however, they are rare. 

2. The month to month charge will be higher than a burial insurance plan where you deny all its health questions. 

The Ideal Option for Acute Kidney Failure Patients 

Acute kidney failure is significantly more unprecedented than kidney failure because of stage 5 chronic kidney disease. The fundamental distinction with acute kidney failure is that the dialysis therapy is temporary.

When your kidneys recover, you will not need dialysis anymore. This entire situation is very different from somebody with end-stage renal failure which requires dialysis. If this is your condition, this is what you do: 

Stage 1) immediately take out a guaranteed issue policy. 

Stage 2) once you have a year added to you since your last dialysis treatment, you can apply for a burial insurance plan with a carrier where some information is received about dialysis within one year.

Since it’s been longer than a year, you could state no. You would easily qualify for a policy that provides immediate coverage which will cost you way less. 

The Best No Health Question Policy

Now, you know which type of policy is your lone alternative. The main outstanding question is which company offers the best arrangement on a guaranteed issue policy?

Before we bounce into that, we must make something properly understood. The best-guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy is just the less expensive, and it just has a 2-year waiting period.

Utilizing that equation as a benchmark, there are just two life insurance companies that meet those prerequisites. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are many companies available today that offer these plans. 

Today, the two we show you are by a wide margin indisputably the least expensive companies out of all. These two companies are almost the same in cost. They usually differ by less than a dollar.

Sons of Norway Guaranteed Acceptance Burial Insurance

• Age Limits: 0-85

• Face Amount Limits: $5,000-$25,000

• State Availability: All states except CA or NY (We have Gerber Life for CA/NY)

Sons of Norway is a great company, and we do represent them. If you are looking to get a policy with them, call us at 1-888-810-9725

Sons of Norway Male Rates


Sons of Norway Female Rates


The Golden Rule with Respect to the Ensured Issue of Life Insurance 

We have made it painfully certain that individuals with kidney failure requiring dialysis can just get a guaranteed issue plan. Notwithstanding, if that isn’t your circumstance, you don’t need a guaranteed issue policy until you thoroughly investigate different alternatives. 

Here’s the main concern 

Here’s a straightforward principle to follow concerning no health question policies: 

You should just apply for a no-health question policy once you determine for sure that you can’t qualify for a plan where you would say NO to all the health questions (or the greater part of them).

Then it would help if you resorted to a guaranteed issue policy. 

By far, most of the individuals we are in communication with can and do qualify for insurance that has health-related questions. Indeed, we can find a policy for 90% of our customers whose coverage secures them in full right away. 

The lesson of the story 

If you’re not on dialysis, call us first to discover what your most ideal alternatives are. We will offer it to you straight. Almost certainly, a guaranteed issue plan won’t be your best and least expensive decision available. 

Step by Step Instructions to Buying the Best Burial Insurance on Dialysis

If you are suffering from end-stage renal failure, then you should go with Gerber Life, Sons of Norway or Mutual of Omaha. This is truly clear now.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for burial insurance for another person who isn’t on dialysis, you can follow a basic formula to guarantee you locate the best plan. 

To locate the best burial insurance, you should talk with a seasoned free burial insurance office representing lots of insurance companies. Only an independent agency (like Superior Mutual) can pull cites from different insurance companies to determine the one that offers the lowest cost on your burial plan. 

We earnestly hope you offer us the chance to earn your business. However, we realize that it will not be the case for everyone. If you decide to go somewhere else, make sure they have loads of carriers they work with.

Also, they should be knowledgeable about how final expenses companies react to a health condition.  However long you utilize that as a prerequisite, you are in good hands. If you would like to get some help with no obligation, call us at 1-888-810- 9725.

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