Surefire Way to Get Burial Insurance After TIA Attack

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At the moment, you may think that it will be very difficult to get affordable funeral insurance after a TIA attack.

And you would be right to think like that.

Securing the lowest rate for funeral insurance is completely possible, even if you have a TIA attack.

It turns out that there are end-of-life expense companies that are very okay with accepting applicants who had experienced a mini-stroke. We have helped a lot of applicants in the past to obtain funeral plans after a TIA attack. Today, we will reveal how we helped them.

In this article, we will show how funeral insurers will respond to a mini-stroke, what their options will be, and how to get the best plan possible.

Is Life Insurance Possible If I Had Experienced a Stroke?

Why do End-of-life expense companies or Burial insurers consider applicants with Mini-Stroke?

Can I get life insurance after a stroke? This is because a mini-stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) is generally not fatal and generally does not cause permanent damage to the brain of the brain or any disability after suffering a mini-stroke.

Give attention to the symptoms; if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, you may have a stroke.

According to studies, people who have suffered a small stroke are more likely to live longer with a healthier lifestyle than would be expected, despite being called a Stroke.

Therefore, the conclusion is that if you apply for end-of-life insurance after a mini-stroke and you are living a healthy life and do not suffer any serious damage after a mini-stroke.

The best policy is the Level type, with low payment rates, instant insurance coverage without a waiting period, and additional innovative features, with no additional costs available from top-rated life insurers.

So, if you are a candidate with a mini-stroke, do not sign up with any insurance company. You will need top-rated insurers with the best extra benefits. We do our best in this regard, ensure you contact one of our end-of-life specialists.

Expectations When Purchasing Burial Insurance After Having a TIA Attack

Each end-of-life insurance plan will ask specifically about strokes. However, mini-strokes are very different from the full blow strokes. As a result, we are excited to report that there are some funeral insurers that will not question you about transient ischemic attacks.

Since there are life insurers who do not ask about mini-strokes, you may be fully eligible for a simplified death funeral insurance plan.

This means that you will pay the lowest total cost offered by the life insurance company, and your coverage will take effect on the day one of your policy. There won’t be any waiting period.

And This is Good News for You

You will not need to provide a blood or urine sample at any time during the application process. There is no medical examination. All that is required of you is to answer some health questions.

Some insurers are concerned about a mini-stroke and, of course, charge more and also impose a waiting period. Luckily for you, you are dealing with an independent agency that is highly experienced and has access to many funeral insurers.

We will connect you with one of our insurance companies that would not care about mini-stroke.

Underwriting for Transient Ischemic Attack

There is no end-of-life insurance company that does not ask about full-blown strokes. At the same time, many of them will ask about mini-strokes. Luckily, there are some companies that don’t ask about it, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve had one.

With a transient ischemic attack, a small blood clot in the brain briefly interferes with blood flow. The net result of this temporary barrier is not permanent damage.

This is completely different from a full-blown stroke, where the blockage is not temporal, and the damage is usually permanent.

Finally, the lack of permanent damage is why funeral insurers do not view the TIA as a high-risk incident. However, some insurance companies will do this.

The conclusion here is:

Your options will depend on whether you will be eligible for a funeral insurance plan with one of the insurers that are not concerned with the transient ischemic attack. If you have other health issues that will make you ineligible, your options are very bleak. If this happens, it is still possible for you to obtain an affordable policy; however, there will be some concessions.

The health questions about mini-stroke will be similar to the ones listed below:

  • Have you undergone any treatment for TIA attack in the past two years?
  • Have you undergone any treatment for TIA attack during the last 12 months?

It is not uncommon for the end-of-life expense company to inquiry about mini-strokes in the last two years. Anyway, some life insurance companies will only check back as far as one year for mini-strokes and full-blown strokes.

The Effect the Date of Your Last Stroke Has on Your Burial Insurance Options

From here, there will be frequent mention of insurance companies that are not okay with mini-stroke applicants.

Insurers take into account the date of the applicant’s last minor stroke and essentially classify the candidates according to the dates of the candidate’s stroke and their rules.

The Applicant’s Mini-Stroke Has Occurred in the Last 12 Months

For most insurers, applicants who fall into this category are at great risk. Most insurers offer insurance policies for funeral insurance with the highest payment rates and a minimum waiting period of 2 years.

The Applicant Suffered a Mini-Stroke in the Last 12 Months of 24 Months Ago

If you are in this category will get better offers from insurers. The final cost insurance offers in this category will have better payment rates, but will have a waiting period of at least two years to fully release death benefits.

The Applicant Suffered a Mini-Stroke Over 24 Months Ago

Applicants in this category generally receive the best insurance for final costs, which is a Simplified or level policy with an affordable payment rate, no waiting period, and instant active coverage.

Now, where do you fall? Is it the first or second category? Contact our closing funeral insurance experts to get the lowest price and possibly without a waiting period from a top-rated insurers’ and approval on the same day.

Medications That You Need to Watch Out with Companies That Are Concerned with Mini Strokes

Besides the health questions, the history of the prescription is always being checked. Essentially, the insurer will be checking for a known drug that treats the condition.

In a situation like this, they will be aware of some common medications that are usually prescribed after a mini-stroke. Almost all of them have blood thinners of some type.

If you take any of these drugs due to a Transient ischemic Attack, you would expect some funeral insurance companies to treat you as a mini-stroke patient. Even if you are saying NO to the health question about TIA, these medications will surely go against your answer.

Each insurance company is a different type of guide for drugs. You only need to know that these are usually on the insurer’s lookout. After all, these medications are much more than these; however, these are the well-known ones.

What you need to know is that your agent will be completely aware of this. We just love sharing information with people, and that’s why we have to go over them.

  • Aggrenox
  • Nimodipine
  • Activas
  • Mimotope
  • Clopidogrel
  • Tic lid
  • Plavix

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