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How to Get Affordable Rates for Burial Insurance If You Have Epilepsy

Getting affordable life insurance for epilepsy and seizures is difficult for some people; however, it should not always be if you reach out to the right agency. We usually find that people with epilepsy do not have life insurance coverage or pay exaggerated premiums because they choose the wrong agency to work for, leading to…
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A Beginner’s Guide to Burial Insurance

Many senior citizens and their families do not know about burial insurance, but it could potentially be exactly what they need. If you had seen or heard the terms final expense insurance or funeral insurance, what you’re looking at is burial insurance. Though used interchangeably, they all mean the same thing: a form of life…
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Guaranteed Issue (No Medical Questions)

Guarantee issue plans are a lifesaver for those with health risks or multiple conditions insurance companies deem the highest liability and refuse to consider. Some companies specialize in these plans for this very reason. Essentially, if you can enter into a legal contract, you are going to be accepted.     * What is Life Insurance…
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The Reality of Burial Insurance for Those with Diabetes

Burial insurance policies are a great possibility for those who want a permanent policy for their final expenses, extra coverage, or have been rejected from life insurance. Payments from these companies are tax-free and are given a lump sum, so it can be very convenient if the insured person wants to make sure money will…
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Finding Affordable Life Insurance for High-Risk Conditions

You may have heard how difficult it can be to secure life insurance the older you are and the more severe your medical condition may be. It can be a confusing and complicated process, given the number of insurance agencies and companies out there claiming to have the best prices and coverage. There are also…
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