Life Insurance for Multiple Sclerosis: Best Companies and Rates

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To qualify for affordable life insurance for multiple sclerosis hinges on your life insurance carrier and the severity of the MS. Multiple sclerosis is considered a high-risk life insurance policy.

Though, you can still get does not mean that you cannot get approval at adequate premiums. In this article, we introduce:

Life Insurance is Not Exciting. Let’s Get Down to the Basis! Here are the Main Conclusions

You can obtain Multiple sclerosis life insurances. It depends on whether your MS is unique or suspicious. You can assume that you will receive a life insurance approval through MS between the standard and table 4 rating.

MS Life Insurance (Multiple Sclerosis)

It can be a boring process to find a Multiple Sclerosis life insurance. There are too many types of policies to choose from, and thousands of companies claim they have “the most suitable policy for you.”

The issue now is determining how to choose between these highly rated companies, especially with a prior situation like Multiple Sclerosis.

Can You Get Life Insurance for Multiple Sclerosis?

Well. You need to use the right life insurance company to get affordable life insurance with MS.

If you need MS life insurance, and you were recently denied life insurance or received an offer far above your expectations, you’ve come to the right place.

For many years we have been helping consumers find affordable life insurance with MS.  When searching for term life insurance for people with MS, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Life Insurance Rates and Multiple Sclerosis Eligibility

You need to understand the following health categories to understand our idea here:

Multiple Sclerosis and Health Categories

There are 12 health categories:

  • Preferred Best
  • Preferred
  • Standard Plus
  • Standard
  • Preferred Smoker
  • Smoker
  • Table 1-12

Experience has shown that you add 25% to the standard fee for each table rating. Most companies reject underwriting after table 8. Most applicants for multiple sclerosis control meet the health level requirements of Table 4, which means the rate is double the standard rates.

If Standard is $50/month, Table 4 would $100 / month. Table 5 is $125/month. Table 6 would be $ 150 / month, etc. Now, let’s look at how to qualify for life insurance with a specific MS.

What Type of MS Do You Have? Suspected” or “Definite”

If multiple sclerosis is suspected, MS’s attack is present, but no test results are available to support the diagnosis. There are no signs of illness and no recommended treatments.

The best option for MS:

  • Within three to four years of the attack: Table 2
  • Within two years of the attack: Table 3
  • After four years: Standard

Definite MS means you’ve had at least two attacks and received test results to support the diagnosis.

Of course, Definite MS can also include anyone who has been recommended for treatment and has a disorder, as it affects the time you spend walking. The best option for Definite MS:

  • Within two years since the last attack: Table 7
  • 3-5 years since your last attack: Table 5
  • 6-10 years since the last attack: Table 3
  • More than ten years since the last attack: Standard

If the severity exceeds the minimum, the ratings will increase, and it’s possible for your underwriting to be declined if the case is severe.

Please note that if you have an acute exacerbation or immunosuppressive disease, the life insurance company will take back their offer until the disease is treated.

Types of Multiple Sclerosis and Life Insurance

The type of multiple sclerosis you have will determine your rate.

There are four types of MS:

Relapse-remitting MS (RRMS): It is the most common MS. It is the easiest MS to insure because of its transient MS period called a flare-ups or relapse.

Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS): You can insure it, but the best-case scenario is shown in Table 3. Most of the cases we’ve seen fall within the scope of Table 4-6.

Primary Progressive MS (PPMS): Sometimes, it can be insured, but coverage is usually declined.

Progressive MS (PRMS): Usually, the coverage is always decline

The points above are general rules. If you don’t fall into that particular category, you shouldn’t be discouraged from applying for life insurance.

This disease affects everyone differently. It is, therefore, necessary that you provide the agent with the details of the MS.

What Does Your Life Insurance Agent Need to Know About MS?

We don’t expect you to understand all the information we have provided.

Here is a list of important information that agents can use to determine which insurance company will best treat your MS favorably:

  • Age of diagnosis
  • Number of attacks and date of the last attack
  • Any medication currently being taken MS diagnosis (see description above)
  • Is the nervous system damaged? No damage? Minimal / medium / severe residual disorder?
  • Other health problems?

Pro tip: If your agent did not ask you this question, find another one. They don’t have enough experience to find the best rate for you.

Using the above information, many agents ask a common question:

Do you have mild, moderate, or severe MS?

They ask this question to know whether you qualify for fully underwritten coverage. If your MS is severe, you are not qualified for fully underwritten coverage and will advise you to take guaranteed issue life coverage products.

Mild: Fewer seizures, long remission time, and no disability.

Moderate: Increased frequency/duration with some residual neurological disorders, but you feel fine.

Severe: Can only sit in a wheelchair or lie on a bed and needs help with daily activities.

They ask this because when the situation is severe, they know you are not eligible for fully comprehensive insurance, and they can advise you to subscribe to life insurance products.

How to Apply for MS Life Insurance

In the absence of MS underwriting experience, new life insurance agents spread many myths. They saw a case, went to the wrong life insurance company, and limit their knowledge from a single experience.

After helping many consumers qualify to get MS life insurance, here are some key points based on our years of experience

Fact 1: You can get standard rates (term insurance or life insurance). When MS has relapse, remission, and there is enough time.

Fact 2: No two insurance carriers will case similarly. They all see your MS differently. While some companies decline you, another company might offer you affordable rates. Each life insurance policy covers multiple sclerosis differently.

Fact 3: Independent agents have the greatest chance of bringing you the cheapest rates. They will compare the market and subscription guidelines to ensure the best rate for you. Most of the life insurance agents out there have limited knowledge. They only offer one company.

Has Your Application for Multiple Sclerosis Life Insurance Been Declined?

Don’t let a past decline for life insurance discourage you from searching for new insurance. If you are sure your MS is under control, your agent may have selected the wrong operator.

If your MS is severe, you are not eligible for life insurance; you can choose a different insurance policy.

For those who are not eligible for term life insurance for multiple sclerosis, a graded death benefit life insurance policy is a popular option with a 2-year waiting period before the full insurance premium can be paid.

There are also accidental policies that only pay out on accidents option. To get life insurance for multiple sclerosis, you need an experienced agent to underwrite your risk.

A seasoned life insurance agent will understand how to place your MS more profitably for insurers and know which company has the most liberal underwriting guidelines for patients with multiple sclerosis.

Life Insurance Company with Multiple Sclerosis Underwriting

Currently, we look for the best deals with AIG and American National for universal life insurance and traditional term life insurance. Sometimes, we do have good deals with Prosperity insurance.

Remember, you need an experienced agent to get a favorable health classification (which ultimately means a better rate). A skilled agent can write an exciting cover letter that will explain your risks and highlight your MS diagnosis and lifestyle motivation.

Best Burial Insurance Company with Multiple Sclerosis

Suppose you are looking for a whole life insurance policy (with an insured amount of $5, 000 to $30,000), commonly known as burial Insurance, Final Expense Insurance, or Funeral Insurance. In that case, the aim is to be eligible for the first-day coverage without waiting two years to receive benefits.

Most burial insurance has classified MS. Sentinel Security, the best life insurance company, did not require a waiting period. It will interest you to know that they have some of the cheapest rates for this type of life insurance on the market.

No medical examination is required, and you will receive a decision while on the phone. Sometimes, your coverage can begin within 30 minutes.

Bottom Line

It might be challenging to get life insurance with MS, but we can help. At Superior Mutual, we have helped MS patients get life insurance times without numbers.

This is, of course, possible, and we are always available to assist you in getting a coverage for you and your family. There are several options, and in some cases, the possibilities are very affordable. Kindly fill the form, and an experienced independent life insurance agent will gather the necessary information required and advise you on the best eligible option.

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