Life Insurance for Mitral Valve Prolapse: The Easy Way to be Approved

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Have you ever been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse? Even if mitral valve prolapse is considered high-risk life insurance, we will help you get a life insurance at an affordable rate.

Mitral valve prolapse is a very common medical condition, and under appropriate conditions, it is eligible for the best life insurance health classification: plus option. Our role is to help you apply to a life insurance company with the best mitral valve prolapse. 

At Superior Mutual, we have helped many clients find the best life insurance rates through mitral valve prolapse. We know the underwriter’s concerns and understand which company offers the best deals.

Life Insurance is Not Exciting. Let Us Look at the Basics! These Are Our Observations.

You might get life insurance for mitral valve prolapse, and life insurance companies will even provide you with preferential rates. The thickness of the mitral valve, the degree of MR (mitral regurgitation), and the left atrium size are the three most important factors while applying.

Mitral Valve Prolapse and Life Insurance: An Insurer’s Perspective

The three most important factors that life insurance insurers need to consider are:

1. The rate and presence of mitral regurgitation

2. Mitral valve viscosity

3. The size of left atrium

This data can be found on your EKGs.

You need to know these factors when looking for the cheapest life insurance for mitral valve prolapse or any heart disease. However, there’s no problem if you don’t know. Most of our clients don’t know the specifics.

In this case, we will apply for the preferred life insurance rate from the carriers with the best offer (assuming no other health issues). The detailed information will be listed in the underwriting; if necessary, we can switch and apply to other life insurance companies at any time.

Examples of Life Insurance Ratings for Mitral Valve Prolapse

Let’s take a look at three life insurance cases with mitral valve prolapse so that you can understand ​​the expected types of life insurance rates.

Case 1:

The electrocardiogram (EKG) showed a normal appearance of the mitral valve prolapse, with no signs of mitral regurgitation and normal left atrium. There are no other potential health problems. This situation is eligible for the best fare class available: “Preferred Plus.”

Case 2:

The electrocardiogram (EKG) showed a slight thickening of mitral valve prolapse, a normal left atrium, and mild regurgitation. Because the valve is slightly thickened, the left atrium is normal, and there are no other potential health problems, we suggest a “Standard Plus” offer for this case.

Case 3:

Their electrocardiogram (EKG) showed excessive mitral valve, moderate mitral regurgitation, and left atrium dilation. Because of the enlargement of the left atrium, this will be “substandard” life insurance.

The actual rating will depend on your age and left atrium enlargement. On the off chance that you have moderate to extreme mitral valve prolapse, you need to record a good follow-up ECG to show the stability record of the past few years (preferably more than five years).

Guaranteed Life insurance Issues for Mitral Valve Prolapse

Although life insurance with mitral valve prolapse is approved in most cases, you still encounter circumstances that make it a bit challenging for you to obtain traditional life insurance. Usually, this happens when you have a health condition other than mitral valve prolapse.

If this happens, you do not necessarily have to give up all coverage for you and your family. Life insurance can always be considered.

The coverage provided by rating companies such as Gerber Life and AIG requires no medical inquiry or medical examination to be approved. Make sure to compare all options with your agent, including guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

Get the Best Life Insurance Price for Mitral Valve Prolapse

Several life insurance companies offer better deals to people with mitral valve prolapse than other life insurance companies. The bottom line is that you should apply to one of these companies.

Our connections with the leading life insurance companies in the market and our experience in reducing mitral valve underwriting give us a competitive advantage over other institutions.

We always replace new policies with cheaper options simply because we are using the right life insurance company. If you are interested in offers based on your risks, all we have to do is enter your health status over the phone. Our agents never have any obligation or pressure. We’ll only provide you with the information you need and respond to all your queries.

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