Legend Guide to Buying Burial Insurance with Angina

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Angina is challenging to deal with on its own, but what happens when you need to purchase final expense insurance with a history of chest pains? How does that diagnosis affect your plan?

Is there a way to buy burial insurance without having to figure the complicated process on your own?

Many companies out there will entertain the idea and even work with you to find a plan, to leave you with declined coverage or overly inflated prices. We at Superior Mutual can do better than that.

With years of experience and loads of insurance companies to compare, we can find the perfect, most cost-effective plan for you and your health situation. We are here to help ease the burden of finding final expense insurance on your own.

To help you understand the steps we, or any insurance company, will take, we have put together an easy-to-understand guide on what to expect during this process.

Burial Coverage and Angina

Have you had treated for chest pains in the past two years? Unfortunately, a diagnosis of angina will result in higher burial insurance premiums in almost all circumstances. Rarely will this not be the result, and depending on the details of your condition, will determine your options.

All in all, a slightly elevated premium and a twenty-four-month waiting period is likely the most unfavorable situation to come against in the quest to find burial insurance with angina. Most importantly, you will still be able to get affordable final expenses insurance. There are some infrequent occasions where securing coverage with immediate benefits at roughly the same rate as a healthy person is possible, but this is not typical.

But here is the good news: you will only have to answer a few questions about your health.

When applying for burial insurance, there will be no need to take a physical or medical examination or even provide any medical records.

Our job is risk assessment. At Superior Mutual, we review the answers to our questions that you provide to find the most dependable, most affordable insurance company for you.

Angina and Underwriting

When considering insurance companies to purchase final expense insurance, you should note that all will include questions about chest pains in their underwriting. This also means that they will be reviewing any medications involved in the treatment of angina.

Each company will have very similar questions about chest pains. All of them will primarily involve two components:

· the chest pains themselves

· the medications used to treat the chest pains

These details will help the insurance company assess which coverage option is right for you.

What does it mean to treat angina?

For funeral insurance companies, the treatment of angina does not mean the taking of the prescribed medications. It only means the filling of certain prescribed medications.

The assumption is that if you have gone to the pharmacist to have a prescription filled, you are taking that medication.

The insurance companies will ask when you filled your prescription so that an accurate history of your condition can be considered on the previously mentioned health questionnaire.

A typical example of this is when a doctor hands out a prescription for nitroglycerin as a rescue drug. Filling this drug will put you in the same category as someone who recently experienced chest pains and treated it.

As there is no practical way to follow whether or not you consumed the prescription, the matter is black and white for the insurance company.

You were essentially treated for angina, regardless of if you were treated for a chest pain event. You needed the medication if you filled the prescription, in their opinion.

What Are Some Prescriptions that Burial Insurance Companies Will Monitor During this Process?

Certain medications are prescribed to treat angina, as listed below:

  • Amyl Nitrate*
  • Corgard
  • Dilatrate SR*
  • Aspirin
  • Heparin
  • Imdur*
  • Ismo
  • IsoDitrate
  • Isochron
  • Isordil*
  • Isosorbide Dinitrate/Mononitrate*
  • Lovenox
  • Minitran*
  • Monoket
  • Nitrek
  • Nitro-bid*
  • Nitro-dur*
  • Nitroglycerine*
  • Nitroquick*
  • Nitrostat*
  • Nitrol*
  • Nitromist*
  • Ranexa*
  • Ranolazine
  • Vascor*

If the only prescriptions you take are the medications with an asterisk (*) beside them in the above list and you have not recently (the last two-years) experienced any angina, then you will be qualified for a regular plan.

This means no higher than typical rates or long wait times.

What are Some Questions Regarding Chest Pains That Insurance Companies Ask During the Underwriting Process?

Typically, insurance companies will ask questions concerning a specific period. The purpose is to get a better understanding of the potential severity of the condition. Most of the time, one of the following formats will be applied to ask these questions:

1. Have you been treated for chest pains (angina) within the last 24 months?

2. Have you been treated for chest pains (angina) within the last 12 months?

Once those questions have been answered, new options will appear based on your answers. In answering the next set of questions, it is essential to consider that angina treatment typically causes most people problems.

Below is some information concerning each of the possible options:

You Have Had or Been Treated for Chest Pains in the Last 12 Months?

A diagnosis of angina within a year of applying for final expense insurance will guarantee a plan with a two-year waiting period and a higher cost than a healthy person, as insurance companies will consider you a higher risk.

Considering the severity of having chest pains, the best insurance plan will be the cheaper option of a guaranteed issue plan from Sons of Norway. This plan will also come with a twenty-four-month waiting period.

You Have Had or Been Treated for Chest Pains Within the Last 24 Months but Not Within the Last 12 Months?

As the time removed from the chest pain event lengthens, your options will improve.

Since many companies only care about angina within the last year, you will be considered similar to a person in perfect health and fully covered from day one if it has been longer than a year since the last time you experienced angina.

Your Chest Pains & Treatment Were Over 2 Years Ago

Again, as this period is over two years since you experienced chest pains, virtually all burial insurance companies will cover you with no wait time and at the same affordable rate as a person in good health.

Few companies will even ask about angina after two years.

Still Taking Angina Medications Even Though Your Chest Pains Were Years Ago?

Earlier in this article, we discussed how final expense insurance companies consider prescriptions. This same idea applies here.

It will be as if the actual chest pain event happened at the last time you had the pharmacist fill the drug, as there is no way to track when you take the medication. 

What is the Best Way to Find the Most Suitable Burial Insurance with Angina?

With any medical condition, securing burial insurance is challenging without the proper guidance of an insurance professional. As you can tell, this is no different for angina.

Working with Superior Mutual will allow you to understand your situation’s options more effectively with access to many burial insurance companies.

Our experience working with individuals like you enables us to narrow the field of plan options to compare the best ones for you.

There is no question that you could find a great final expense insurance plan on your own, or even work with a different brokerage company to find an excellent plan for you.

If you choose to take this path, do not forget to confirm that the company you choose to work with represents many insurance companies and has extensive experience working with individuals with a history of chest pains.

We hope that you permit us to work for you. If you choose to, we would love to quickly help you find the best final insurance policy for you. To start looking for your best final expense insurance plan, fill out the quote form below, and we will call you shortly. Or go ahead and call us at 1-888-810-9725, and we will start working for you immediately

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