Insider’s Guide to Low-Cost Burial Insurance for Those That Use Marijuana

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As an Agency, we have assisted many pot smokers in obtaining life insurance at the lowest rate possible. How is this possible for us? It is straightforward.

We carry out our homework. We understand the perspective from which all life insurance company view applicants that smokes marijuana.

Also, we know life insurance that is higher in risk and understands what insurance companies love and what they might hate.

As an applicant looking for the lowest life insurance with marijuana, you need to know that working with the right agency will willingly do the hard work and give you the privilege of choosing between many life insurers.

But it would help if you did not worry, as this article will explain how you can get the best life insurer and an affordable rate as an applicant that smokes marijuana or pot smoker. Below is the list of things that we will explain in this article:

Life insurance is not an exciting topic. Let’s get to the point! Here are the main lessons.

Getting approved and obtaining life insurance as an applicant that uses marijuana, you need to work with life insurers that see marijuana use as being good.

All life insurers will want to know how often you use it, whether it’s for medications or just for fun. Another thing they will check is whether you have other factors that reconsidered risky in your background.

  • Life Insurance Plans and Marijuana Use
  • The Best Life Insurer for You as a Marijuana User
  • Work with An Independent Agency to Get the Best Life Insurance Rates for Marijuana Users

Life Insurance Plans and Marijuana Use

In my opinion, you will all agree with me that securing life insurance as a marijuana user can be a challenging thing to do. Some life insurance companies will decline you while others will charge you high and others seem unbelievably good.

It is effortless to find the best life insurer if you smoke marijuana. This article will examine the attitudes of some of the leading life insurers towards marijuana smokers.

Life insurance for applicants that smokes marijuana is reduced to their individual use and is part of the life insurer’s underwriting.

There are some misconceptions about the attitude of marijuana users towards life insurance. Remember that marijuana does not make you ineligible for getting life insurance.

Most life insurers will take out insurance for you.

The best way to get you the best rates (whether you are a frequent marijuana smoker or you only smoke on occasions) is to help you get a non-smoker rate.

The regular smoker rates will make you pay a higher premium.

The Best Life Insurer for You as a Marijuana User

Below are some things that we have found out (carefully examined the italicized Non-smoker)

AIG is formerly known as American General

  • If you use marijuana less than two times in a year or just two times, then you can obtain preferred Best Non-smoker rates.
  • If you only smoke two times in a month or less, you can get a Standard Non-Smoker.
  • If you use marijuana more than two times in a month, you will be considered a smoker and might get a table rating.
  • There must not be THC on your lab report.


  • Up to 6 times per week for recreational use as standard non-smoker

 Legal and General, formerly called Banner Life

  • Occasional use will be Standard Smoker.
  • If you are an Occasional smoker, you are a Standard smoker.
  • If you use marijuana daily, the rate will begin at a substandard Table B smoker.

 Mutual of Omaha

  • Smoking three times in a month or less is a standard non-smoker
  • Between 4 to 8 times in a month will be rated as a case by case
  • More than eight times in a month for an individual will be equal to a decline.
  • Smoking more than eight times in a month will result in rejection.
  • Your lab THC must be equal to the said usage.

Minnesota Life

  • If they detect THC in your body, this is a smoke rating in Table 3.
  • Both occasional and recreational use at preferred Non-Smoker; however, your labs must test negative.
  • Twice a month is defined as occasional.


  • The best option is Standard smokers with any amount.
  • Depending on the use, the option can be substandard or rejected and whether medical or recreational.


·         Using marijuana for two times a month and a negative result in laboratories, you will be eligible for standard plus for non-smokers.

·         If you use marijuana up to 3 times a week, you will be non-smoking substandard table B (may be positive in laboratories).


  • If you use marijuana less than 12 times in a year, you will be eligible for standard non-smoker rates.
  • You will be eligible for standard smoker rates if you smoke more than 13 times

Work with An Independent Agency to Get the Best Life Insurance Rates for Marijuana Users

These are just a few tons of insurers that we have access to. As you can see, this is about including marijuana use in the life insurer’s underwriting rules.

First, you want to know if any life insurer is given non-smoking rates, and then compare those rates for each company.

That’s why we assist people who smoke marijuana to avoid insurance companies like Prime America, which is only suitable for good health and without potential bad habits.

Contact us, especially if you’re looking for a more significant policy, like a $1 million insurance policy; we can help you consider all your options.

If you use marijuana, and your life insurance agent did not do the research we did, contact our agents. We will get the best rate you can be eligible for.

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