Elite Guide to Buying Burial Insurance with a Bundle Branch Block

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Insurance with a pre-existing condition is never easy, especially when that is bundle branch block. This article is to help you understand your options for this process.

To guarantee that you receive the most beneficial and most affordable insurance policy, we will use our years of experience helping people with Bundle Branch Blocks (BBB). Here are some of the topics we will cover:

What Are the Fundamental Details to Take Away from this Article?

Getting life insurance with bundle branch block should not be a problem. The primary details that will be considered for coverage approval will be the length of time you have had bundle branch block and any other additional health conditions commonly present with it.

How Bundle Branch Block and Heart Block Impact Life Insurance Coverage

The most common cause of BBB, about 50 percent of all cases, is coronary artery disease. Additional conditions that could cause this illness include cardiomyopathy, hypertension, tumors, fibrosis of the conduction fibers, congenital lesions, trauma, and aortic stenosis.

That being said, a heart that has no apparent ailments may also get BBB. Underlying causes will be taken into account by the underwriters assisting you with life insurance coverage.

For us to find the most accurate policy for your situation, we will want to know some of the following information from you:

  • The type of bundle branch block that you have
  • How long you have been diagnosed with bundle branch block
  • If any new developments have been noticed on an ECG
  • If you have been diagnosed with angina, cardiomyopathy, hypertension, congenital heart disease, or valvular heart disease
  • If you have completed any cardiac studies
  • What medications you take

We will need as much information as reasonable to find the best, most affordable coverage for you for all of the above-listed items. We are looking out for you, so it is vital to provide as upfront and accurate as possible with this information.

It is understandable if you do not possess all of the specifics, though. Underwriters can fill in those gaps when they do a deep dive into your medical history. While they take care of that, we can still provide an estimation of the coverage cost.

What to Expect When Purchasing Life Insurance with Bundle Branch Block

When you start the process of shopping for life insurance with BBB, you should make sure that you possess a firm understanding of your medical history as it applies to the diagnosis.

The entirety of your medical records is not necessary, but you should at least have a detailed timeline of your BBB diagnosis.

Currently, you will have to have a medical exam to obtain life insurance from the type of insurance companies you will want to look at, companies that offer fully underwritten policies.

Also, your BBB status will likely cause your costs to be higher than that of the average healthy person. This is entirely dependant on your situation, meaning that they can be slightly higher or significantly higher.

A little later in this piece, we will be discussing some of the specific ratings that can be presumed for life insurance with BBB.

To summarize, though one of our talented high-risk life insurance agents can help, getting life insurance with BBB is a complicated process. It will be best to come to the table with as much detail as you can.

Do not forget that you are shopping for coverage. It is okay to gather offers from multiple life insurance companies before choosing to get the most affordable coverage. Companies need your business so that they will fight for it.

So, to speed up that shopping process, make sure, again, to come as prepared as possible.

Understand that the life insurance underwriters may require more details and may involve gathering specific medical records or having your primary care physician produce more information.

The Life Insurance with Bundle Branch Block Underwriting Process

Suppose you have no known heart disease, and your BBB was from an isolated finding. In that case, you will get a standard life insurance valuation, assuming your ECG history does not include pattern changes involving:

  • Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block (IRBBB)
  • Complete Right Bundle Branch Block (CRBBB) – not including Sarcoidosis
  • Left Anterior or Posterior Hemiblock (LAHB or LPHB)

Nevertheless, your policy cost will be higher, starting at Table B, if you have a complete Left or Right Bundle Branch Block.

It can also be higher if you have additional conditions. But if you have a recent, healthy thallium stress test, have had no other cardiovascular impairments, and have been stable for at least six years, then you will be able to get standard rates.

There are no term life insurance carriers that do not require a medical exam if you have BBB, but if you are over 50 with BBB, limited-term life insurance does not need a medical exam.

Taking a medical exam is unavoidable for term life insurance coverage.

Working with a trusted life insurance agent is paramount. With the experience that we have with working with those that have had a diagnosis of bundle branch block, or heart problems in general, we can accurately assess your specific risk to find the best available coverage for you.

Purchasing Other Types of Insurance with Bundle Branch Block

It is important to note that there is always a possibility of getting denied insurance coverage with any health condition.

Cases deemed high-risk, especially those in which the individual has health problems in addition to the BBB, may struggle to find affordable rates or even get approved at all. It is for this reason why you should look to reputable agencies that specialize in these cases.

If you are refused coverage or offered a far from affordable policy, other options to consider are guaranteed life insurance or accidental death life insurance.

You will not be required to take a medical exam for these other types of policies, but the coverage you receive will be far less than a regular life insurance plan and will have additional requirements.

How We Can Help You Secure Coverage with Bundle Branch Block

Our ample amount of experience dealing with this high-risk condition allows us to be in the best place possible to help you get the lowest available rates on your life insurance policy.

With the ability to work with over 60 life insurance companies, Superior Mutual has the knowledge and ability to navigate the market for you.

If your bundle branch block is mild, head on over to our instant rate form and select “regular to see a selection of instant quotes. Otherwise, call us at Superior Mutual, and we can work with you and your situation to find your best life insurance policy.

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