Discover the Path to Affordable Burial Insurance with Parkinson’s Disease

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Usually, you might think that getting funeral insurance for Parkinson’s disease would be very difficult and expensive; however, you would be wrong.

Even if you have Parkinson’s disease, funeral insurance at the lowest cost with immediate coverage is possible. Over the years, we have helped many people with this neurological condition to get good funeral insurance at the most affordable cost possible.

We’ll cover in this article

Life Insurance with Parkinson’s Disease

Please read to understand how the burial insurance company responds to applicants with conditions like Parkinson’s disease. Also, the various kind of insurance plans that you can expect from these companies.

Most importantly, you should know that we can help you get the highest quality and affordable burial insurance, no matter how serious.

Insurance companies can provide affordable plans because they understand that even though Parkinson’s disease cannot be cured, medications can be used to control the symptoms. Like other conditions such as systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis, etc.

There are also many different complementary therapies that are used in conjunction with traditional medicine to help people live healthy lives with this lifelong neurological disorder.

Note: If you have been prescribed to use cannabis by-products to help you control Parkinson’s disease symptoms, this might lead to some questions from some state-owned insurance companies that might see the use of marijuana for medication as being illegal.

This is one of many situations where the help of professional and experienced funeral insurance specialists will be necessary to help you avoid penalty or, worse, getting declined.

There are some top-level Funeral insurance companies that we have access to, and they can also provide an insurance plan at the most affordable rates with instant total benefit coverage from the first day. This type of burial plan is called level, simplified, or preferred by insurance companies.

In order to ascertain your eligibility for the level insurance plan, you need to undergo an underwriting process for the insurer to identify whether you have other health issues that might be a concern to them.

The level burial insurance is usually provided to a healthy individual or people who have no health problems considered high risk.

Some of these major burial insurance companies that are okay with an applicant with Parkinson’s disease will provide a level plan unless the applicant has a serious illness or other medical condition that has been red-flagged by them.

In addition, unlike other life insurance, you do not have to go through all the troubles to prepare for medical exams like physical, blood tests, EKGs, urine tests, etc. before you can apply for funeral insurance or closing expenses.

You can apply for final expense insurance for Parkinson’s disease or any health issue right from the comfort of your home through a phone call to your funeral insurance agent or agency

We are pleased to report that some of the final expense companies are not concerned about Parkinson’s disease.

To them, having the disease does not change anything. You are entitled to death benefits as others. This means that you can pay the minimum amount, and there is no waiting period for coverage.

Although most burial insurance imposes a penalty on patients with Parkinson’s disease, at the very least, the premium will be higher, and the waiting period is more extended; however, it is also dependent on the company.

Another important thing is not having any ailments that can disqualify you from carriers that accept PD.

Ready for More Good News?

Since funeral insurance policies are simplified, they do not require any medical examination. A stranger does not have to enter your home once registration is complete.

Parkinson’s disease is incurable, and it can be harmful to your life. Thanks to contemporary treatment that has allowed many people to live a longer with better quality of life.

Irrespective of your condition, we are fully confident that we can provide you with a very reasonable funeral insurance policy.

NOTE: you can’t buy burial insurance directly from almost every company, especially those with lower premiums.

If you call the insurance company directly and inquire about the process of applying for the coverage, they will simply direct you to their agent to purchase their insurance policies.

The Bad News

There are many burial insurance companies that believe applicants with Parkinson’s disease are very risky to deal with. Companies like these are not capable of offering a level plan for an applicant with PD.

These companies will consider accepting someone with PD as long as they charge more money to make up for what they know as very risky. There might also have a full or partial waiting period before beneficiaries are eligible for the full benefit.

To make matters worse, these companies will simply decline you, which means you would have wasted a lot of time. This is why we strongly encourage you to reach out to Final Expense insurance professionals who have access to insurers that can fully cope with Parkinson’s, and you can trust us to do that.

Therefore, do not hesitate to fill out the quote form on this page or contact us for quick approval of your insurance policy at an affordable cost

Funeral Insurance Underwriting for Parkinson’s

Whether you know it or not, the only underwriting element that concerns you is the health questionnaire. Unbeknownst to you, insurers will check your prescription history to confirm your health status.

Obviously, the only way to get immediate protection and lower cost are by applying for a funeral insurance plan with underwriting.

If you want to avoid health questions and medical checks, you can apply for a guarantee issue life insurance. However, this should only be the last resort after you have exhausted all underwritten options.

Parkinson’s Health Questions

When applying for final expense insurance, and you are being asked questions about Parkinson’s, commonly, there will not be an attached time frame. This is because the condition is incurable, and the moment you have it, you will live with it until death.

Most companies will divide their application into various sections. Generally, lifelong conditions will be in the same group. This is where you will always find Parkinson’s disease. Here is an example of how they can ask questions about it.

  • Have you ever been diagnosed, taken medication, or been treated for Parkinson’s disease?

Some companies attach a time frame to the application, and which seems odd because the condition is incurable. However, if it happens, here is an example of how the question can be asked

  • Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or received treatment for Parkinson’s disease within 24 months?

Because Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition and must be answered in yes, there are other health questions that can be answered by yes or no.

You can easily answer these questions, but the best option is to consult an experienced Funeral insurance agent who can help answer for your benefit and with the right answers.

Parkinson’s Medications

In addition to the health questions, insurance companies can also review your prescription records electronically. Their goal is just to check your health status. For instance, if you recently had cancer but did not disclose it, your prescription history would reveal it.

The medications below have been flagged by burial insurance companies for Parkinson’s Disease. You would notice they are in category I and Category II. Category I are medications that can be used for various use.

Therefore, some companies might not see as a Parkinson’s patient when they are seen in your prescription record. For instance, a medication like Requip is very popular for treating restless leg syndrome.

 In contrast, Category II is for medications that automatically makes every funeral insurance company see you as a Parkinson’s Patient. Even if you did not disclose that you are a patient, these medications in your Prescription history would do it for you.

Category I

  • Akineton
  • Benztropine
  • Mesylate
  • Cogentin
  • Mirapex
  • Requip
  • Ropinirole
  • Trihexyphenidyl HCL

Category II

  • Amantadine HCL
  • Apokyn
  • Atamet
  • Azilect
  • Bromocriptine Mesylate
  • Carbidopa
  • Comtan
  • Eldepryl
  • Inbrija
  • Kemadrin
  • Larodopa
  • Levodopa
  • Lodosyn
  • Neupro
  • Parcopa
  • Parlodel
  • Pergolide Mesylate
  • Permax
  • Procyclidine HCL
  • Selegiline HCL
  • Sinemet
  • Stalevo
  • Symmetrel
  • Tasmar
  • Zelapar

Other Conditions to Consider

All patients with Parkinson’s disease have a different level of symptoms and side effects. If you experience any of these problems below, you must also take that into account.

The Truth About Depression

Depression is a prevalent side effect of this condition. In most cases, doctors will prescribe medication to deal with the depression caused by Parkinson’s disease.

Thankfully, many insurance companies don’t pay attention to depression, even if you have a prescription or you are taking medication for it.

Daily Living Activities

When Parkinson’s has gotten worse that you need someone to help you with your daily activities, it has a significant impact on the underwriting process.

To be clear, insurers define daily activities like bathing, dressing, eating, using the toilet, and taking medication. They can even be shortened to ADL.

Above all, every funeral insurance companies, except Royal Neighbors of America, will inquire if you need any help with daily living activities.

The point is that this carrier will also ask if you have Parkinson’s. And if you have, they will include you in their graded plan, which is more expensive and offers limited benefits in the first two years.

Of course, this is better than a full waiting period; however, it is also not as good as full protection and the lowest cost. Most funeral insurance companies will decline those who need assistance in their daily activities.

If you do not qualify for the Royal Neighbors plan, your only option may be to acquire a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. This type of policy does not require health questions or medical checks.

It is not very expensive but requires a two-year waiting period before death benefits are paid. If you die while waiting, all your premium plus 10% will be returned to you.

Notes: There are many devices available that can assist you in becoming independent with your activities of daily living. For example, the stabilizing spoon, if you find it hard to eat due to hand tremors.

Home Health Care

This situation equates to the need for help with daily living activities. Every burial insurance company will also ask about this.

With America’s royal neighbors as the only exception. If you are disqualified for some other reasons, the guaranteed acceptance policy is your only option at the time.

Some Possible Burial Insurance Underwritten Plan Offers for Parkinson’s Disease Applicants

Now that you know health questions asked about this condition, the medications they are looking for, and some other situations that may affect the whole process. Here are the ways life insurers can respond to an applicant with Parkinson’s.

Level Plan – Lowest Cost with Immediate Full Benefits Coverage

In fact, there are some companies that may be less interested if you have Parkinson’s. Of course, there are not many of them, but they are.

With them, you pay the same fee as a marathon runner. Aside from the fact that there will be no waiting period. We hope you will not be disqualified from these companies due to some other health problems.

Note: It would be best to understand that time is essential for any chronic, lifelong, or degenerative health condition such as Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, you need to act now and secure funeral insurance when it is still affordable.

Graded Plan

The Graded plan for Parkinson’s disease is costlier than the level plan at 20 to 50 percent. Immediately, you will be entitled to a percentage of your total death benefit in the following period:

  • Year 1, starting from the first day – 40% of your total death benefit will be given to your beneficiaries
  • Year 2 – About 80% of your death benefit can be claimed by your beneficiaries
  • Year 3 – your beneficiaries can receive the full death benefit (100%) in the event of your death.

Modified plan – Highest Premium with A Full Waiting Time

This is often called a “modified” plan. The waiting period is 24 months or two years, and the monthly premium is always the highest. If you pass away at any time during the waiting period, all your premiums will be refunded at an interest rate of 10%, depending on the insurer.

Application Will Be Declined

There are many insurance companies that are not capable enough to take risks if an applicant suffers from Parkinson’s disease and other common diseases associated with it. While some others will only decline you because of the condition.

Guaranteed Issue (GI) Policy Option

If you are denied the first offer (Level Plan) or the second offer and the only option you are being offered is the modified plan, your final option is the Guaranteed issue policy.

The GI Policy option is not an underwritten plan, which means there won’t be a need for you to answer health questions or reviews of medication history. However, the plan will be costlier and also involves a total waiting period of 2 years.

Most times, depending on the insurance company in question, the Guaranteed Issue Policy is preferable than a modified plan when it comes to quality and affordability.

On the other hand, it is much easier and convenient to contact an experienced insurance agent who has access to the country’s best insurance company and who knows which one is most affordable regarding your condition.

Here is the list of the qualities that you should check for in an insurance policy and the insurance carrier offering the plan to applicants with Parkinson’s diseases:

  • The insurance company must be a great option for an applicant with Parkinson’s disease.
  • The policy offers the highest payments that can protect you immediately, from day one, and at the lowest cost.
  • The insurer may offer the best price with instant coverage, even though you need ADL assistance or home health care.

In terms of finding funeral coverage for applicants with Parkinson’s disease, the insurance agency that will help you must have the following qualities:

  • The insurance agency must have an insurance agent or life insurance specialist who is experienced at the funeral insurance and will also be passionate about helping you and not the company.
  • In fact, the agency needs to be independent in order to have access to many of the best insurers that can offer the best rates.
  • It must also be an agency that offers only the best insurance plan from Top – level insurance companies in the country that is reputable and trusted in the insurance industry with reliable finances and an excellent track record.

Why Can’t You Tell Us Exactly What to Expect?

This is a good question. However, that question cannot be answered because we do not know much about you. Every funeral insurance company will do a different assessment of your health. There are a lot of variables that must be taken into consideration prior to giving an accurate and honest expectation. No one without knowing these details will be able to inform you precisely what to expect.

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