The Secret to Getting Burial Insurance with Schizophrenia

If you have ever been told by someone that Schizophrenia would disqualify you from getting burial insurance or that you must pay a high premium, that person was wrong! To be sincere that there are a lot of companies that are okay with candidates that have this condition. We can get the cheapest funeral insurance…
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#1 Best Seller: The Savvy Guide to Buying Burial Insurance by Al Kushner

Are you new to burial insurance and worrying about making big burial insurance mistakes that will cost you greatly down the road? Many new burial insurance applicants have the same concerns. Having helped thousands of burial insurance clients navigate their entry into preparing for their final expense, Al began to notice over the years that…
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Brutally Honest Guide to Burial Insurance with Arthritis

For seniors, or anyone for that matter, arthritis is no fun, and this is why we exist to make sure that you receive a top-notch, low-cost final expense insurance company to insure you. Thankfully, arthritis will not hinder the process of getting affordable insurance that fits your needs. With decades of experience, we are confident…
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Legend Guide to Buying Burial Insurance with Angina

Angina is challenging to deal with on its own, but what happens when you need to purchase final expense insurance with a history of chest pains? How does that diagnosis affect your plan? Is there a way to buy burial insurance without having to figure the complicated process on your own? Many companies out there…
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Surefire Way to Get Burial Insurance After TIA Attack

At the moment, you may think that it will be very difficult to get affordable funeral insurance after a TIA attack. And you would be right to think like that. Securing the lowest rate for funeral insurance is completely possible, even if you have a TIA attack. It turns out that there are end-of-life expense…
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Sure-Fire Way to Get Burial Insurance with Depression

Most life insurers are perfectly okay with people that have depression. In fact, it is rare to find a company that asks questions about depression when inquiring about your health. If you are depressed, you will be easily eligible to receive level death benefits in almost all end-of-life expense companies. This means your payment will…
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Discover the Lowest Cost Burial Insurance with a Defibrillator

Based on what you will see on most websites on life insurance, it is very difficult to get affordable funeral insurance with a defibrillator. However, it is Merely a Myth. Yes, it is. It really is a myth. Large premiums do not automatically mean funeral insurance if you have a defibrillator. You do not automatically…
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Discover the Path to Affordable Burial Insurance with Parkinson’s Disease

Usually, you might think that getting funeral insurance for Parkinson’s disease would be very difficult and expensive; however, you would be wrong. Even if you have Parkinson’s disease, funeral insurance at the lowest cost with immediate coverage is possible. Over the years, we have helped many people with this neurological condition to get good funeral…
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A Beginner’s Guide to Burial Insurance

Many senior citizens and their families do not know about burial insurance, but it could potentially be exactly what they need. If you had seen or heard the terms final expense insurance or funeral insurance, what you’re looking at is burial insurance. Though used interchangeably, they all mean the same thing: a form of life…
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Top-Rated Guaranteed Issue Insurance Company

There are dozens of life insurance companies out there that offer these no health question policies. Here are just some to name a few: There are many life insurers that offer you insurance policies without asking questions about your health. Below are some of the life insurance: AIG Americo Colonial Penn Gerber Life Kemper Mass…
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