Burial Insurance with Cystic Fibrosis – A Complete Breakdown

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This situation can develop in many ways, depending on how severe your case is.

Eventually, most people with cystic fibrosis can fully qualify for coverage that covers them immediately.

In addition, their plan won’t be so costlier than what a normal person can pay for. In contrast, there are some situations in which you may have to pay more and/or suffer a waiting period; however, it is uncommon.

Here is the good news

You only have to answer certain questions regarding your health when applying. You don’t have to go through a physical or medical examination. An outsider will not need to enter your home to fill out the form.

Living with cystic fibrosis is not easy. Regular mucus removal and breathing problems can be continuously drained. We are pleased to tell you that your condition might not have any effect on the premium or policy.

Can Someone with Cystic Fibrosis Obtain Life Insurance?

With current medical advances, people who are prone to CF have a very high chance of exceeding age limits of survivability.

Most Top-rated funeral insurers who receive CF candidates know that people with cystic fibrosis can have a happy life with regular treatment, avoiding prevention, and a good lifestyle.

For these reasons, candidates with cystic fibrosis can be offered the cheapest funeral plan or end of life expense insurance and immediate insurance coverage from day one, which does not include a waiting period.

Insurers usually refer to these plans as Simplified, preferred, or level. One of the best things is that you would never undergo a medical or physical examination.


On the other hand, there are common CF conflicts that can have a negative impact on the insurance policies offered to you.

There are some funeral insurance companies that cite or describe CF in their questions during underwriting, which means you have to answer in the affirmative. It could simply mean that they do not have a low-cost insurance plan for people with CF, or that they will reject the application.

CF greatly affects the airways of the lungs, so some bronchodilators, which are also used for chronic bronchitis and COPD emphysema, can categorize you as being high-risk.

If your doctor has indicated that you still have access to oxygen or need a transplant of the lung, you certainly cannot get simplified coverage.

In general, the quality and potential price of insurance plans that may be offered to you depend on how severe your CF is.

So, how do you qualify for a simplified or level insurance policy? You must complete an underwriting process.

Cystic Fibrosis Underwriting

Underwriting is a risk assessment process. Each funeral insurer will use two procedures to make you qualified for insurance.

  • You will be questioned about your health
  • They will go through your prescription history

These two questions will together provide the insurer information it needs to determine your eligibility.

Health Questions

To be honest, you rarely find a life insurer questioning you directly about cystic fibrosis.

If you find a company asking about CF, the questions will be similar to this.

  • Have you ever heard cystic fibrosis diagnosis or treatment?

Also, expect questions like this:

  • Have you ever received treatment for any severe lung conditions?

The question above will commonly refer to conditions like chronic bronchitis, COPD. Nevertheless, some burial insurance companies consider CF as a severe lung condition.

Medications and Treatment History Evaluation of Cystic Fibrosis

This is essentially an additional effort of insurance companies striving to find out serious health problems that have not been properly or truly dealt with in the underwriting process.

By making use of computer programs, they can easily analyze prescription history.

They will know all the prescriptions you have received, and they will know about the medicines prescribed to you – they will know the illnesses you have or being treated for.

As for the insurer, if you are given a prescription for a disease, then you have it.

Below are the types of cystic fibrosis medicines

  • Antibiotics for the lungs
  • Anti-inflammatory medications for lung airways
  • Bronchodilators
  • Mucus thinning drugs

Oral pancreatic enzymes to better absorb nutrients from the digestive system.

The only medication among the ones listed above that can cause some problems are bronchodilators, as they are also used for some COPD like chronic bronchitis and emphysema, as well as asthma.

Specific Medications for Cystic Fibrosis

Below are some of the specific medications for treating cystic fibrosis. If you fill out a prescription for any of these drugs, automatically, you will be considered as a CF patient.

  • Elexacaftor
  • Dornase Alfa
  • Ivacaftor
  • Lumacaftor
  • Orkambi
  • Tezacaftor

Some other treatments are

  • Airway clearance methods: Many methods are used for airway clearance. These procedures will not affect eligibility.
  • Feeding tube: During sleep, a feeding tube may be needed to provide the body with the essential nutrients.
  • Bowel surgery. Bowel surgery may be needed to remove the obstruction.
  • Endoscope and flushing: Mucus is aspirated from blocked airways through an endoscope.
  • Removal of the Nasal Polyps: May be required if it interferes with breathing.

The conclusion of this treatment is that:

They won’t affect the underwriting process

What you should expect from the Insurance companies

Lower Rates with Instant Coverage – There Won’t be a Waiting Period

The simplified or level insurance policy has the most affordable monthly premiums without a waiting period, meaning immediate coverage from day one and complete death benefits for the beneficiaries.

There are many world-class insurers that can provide a simplified treatment plan for cystic fibrosis, and we have happened to represent many of them.

Higher Monthly Premium

You will still get this from a top-rated insurer, and it is the next best option if you are not eligible for the level or simplified policy.

This is also a good plan, even though the rates are a little higher, the best part is that the coverage will be immediate from day one.

Immediate Percentage Payment or More After Awhile

This is often referred to as a Graded plan with higher monthly premiums and annual percentage payments.

  • From 30 to 40% within the first 12 months
  • From 70 to 80% within the second 12 months

If you are able to complete the waiting period of 24 months, the full benefit will be paid to your beneficiaries

Higher Premium and Full Waiting Period Combined

This will be available to the highest risk candidates.

This is a kind of normal policy for many insurance companies for candidates considered to be at higher risk. It is quite simple; you will have a higher monthly payment and a waiting time of at least 24 months.

TIP: Compare the Guarantee Issue plan with the one mentioned above; you can also inquire with one of our professionals to determine the best option for you.

Guaranteed Issue (GI) Plan

As with what has already been said about lung transplants for cystic fibrosis, this is your last resort.

As simply stated, your acceptance is guaranteed inasmuch as you have the legal right to contract. There will be no questions or analysis of drug history.

You can have your GI plan approved by phone in 30 minutes.

Because of the greater risk that insurers are willing to accept, the monthly premiums will be much and there will be a compulsory 24 months waiting time. In addition, if it happens that you pass away in the waiting time, your beneficiaries will be eligible for the total of what you have paid with 10% interest.

If you would like our help, then just give us a call or add your comment to the section below.

Don’t let this issue be a barrier for you. Let our experienced team help you get the coverage you and your family deserve.

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