Burial Insurance for Cancer Patients – A Complete Breakdown

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To free our loved ones from financial burdens such as funeral costs, it is crucial to buy a burial insurance policy, notwithstanding how long cancer has been, knowing that burial insurance policy gives rest of mind and a more blissful life.

The Four Types of Burial Insurance Policies for Cancer Patients

Burial insurance quote differs for different life insurance companies, and they are four types of insurance policies available for all cancer patients. Therefore, it is vital to consult a burial insurance specialist to know your best option.

The general policies for cancer patients are;

  • Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance Policy: cancer patients with terminal and worst outlook are mostly offered the guaranteed issue policies.  The guaranteed policies have the highest premium with two years period waiting for active coverage.

If the cancer patients die of cancer during the waiting period, the patient’s family will not get the insurance payout; they will only receive the interest on return and the premium.

But if the cancer patients die from an accident during the waiting, the family will receive the full burial insurance package. Guaranteed burial policies have a limited death benefit.

Cancer patients undergoing the following treatments:

  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy

are qualified for guaranteed issue burial insurance policy.

A U.S citizen between the age of 50 and above can quickly get the guaranteed issue insurance policy.

  • Modified Burial Insurance Policy: the best option for a cancer patient that did not meet up to the conditions of getting a graded burial insurance policy is a revised burial insurance policy.

Your beneficiaries get the insurance policy’s full benefit if you pass away two years from the date the insurance was issued.

They will also get close to 7/10 benefits of the insurance policy if you pass away during the second year of the insurance policy and only 3/10 benefits of the insurance policy if you pass away in the first year.

Two years waiting period is inevitable for a cancer patient who has been receiving treatment for the past two years. It is an expensive premium for severe cancer patients.

  • Graded Burial Insurance Policy: graded policies have the lowest premium after level burial insurance policy with full insurance benefits and active coverage. They are for a cancer patient with good condition.
  • Level Burial Insurance Policy: The level burial insurance policy is better than others mention because it has the lowest premium.                           

It is an instant active coverage for former cancer patients with no recurrence of cancer for the past two years.

The level policy expects you to be in a good health condition before you can get the insurance.

For this package, they are no medical test, only health questions.

You get a fixed premium for the stipulated period and guaranteed death benefit that those not reduce.

Frequent Questions Asked by Burial Insurance Companies.

Suppose you want to apply for burial insurance policies for cancer patients.

In that case, the burial insurance companies are likely to ask you some questions concerning the patient’s full health condition and the treatment they have been receiving. 

In answering those questions, you need to be precise with all the information you gave them, so they don’t reduce your benefit or deny your benefits.

So, it is vital you know the nature of the questions they are likely to ask you, so you have the answers at hand.

The Nature of the Questions You Should be Expecting:

  1. The type of cancer and its stage
  2. The location and size of the cancer
  3. Did cancer metastasize?
  4. Do you have any family history of cancer?
  5. When were you diagnosed?
  6. Are you in remission now?
  7. How long have you been in remission?
  8. The type of treatment you have received and your treatment records
  9. Have you been diagnosed within the last two years?
  10. Have you had cancer before? If yes, is it a different type of cancer or the same as the current one?

Cancer Patients that are Likely to be Turndown by the Burial Insurance Company or Pay a Higher Premium

  • A Cancer Patient with Multiple Occurrences of Cancer Diagnosis

Buying a burial insurance policy for a cancer patient with multiple cancer diagnosis occurrences is a no-go area.

No burial insurance company will accept your application once they realize you have a multi cancer diagnosis or numerous cancer diagnoses.

  • A Cancer Patient with Metastasis Cancer

Due to the low survival rate of a cancer patient with metastasis cancer, burial insurance companies consider them as high risk.

Therefore, most burial insurance companies are likely to reject your application. But it is still worth trying because some burial insurance companies may accept your application for a higher premium and low benefits.

  • A Current Cancer Patient

Burial insurance companies consider current cancer patients as high-risk customers. 

Getting a burial insurance policy for a current cancer patient will be difficult, depending on the carrier, knowing that they are different guidelines for different carriers.

  • Patient with a Malignant Brain Tumor.

Burial insurance companies will want to know if their clients have benign because clients with such disease are of high risk. 

Burial insurance policy available for patients with a malignant brain tumor is modified or guaranteed a burial insurance policy. Note that not all benign brain tumors are cancer.

  • A Patient with Sarcoidosis.

Most burial insurance policy classifies sarcoidosis patients as cancer patients because severe sarcoidosis can look like cancer.

It requires a biopsy to make a diagnosis. Sarcoidosis can affect many organs like the lungs and can get complicated.

Most burial insurance companies will want to know if their clients suffer from sarcoidosis. A patient with sarcoidosis will find it hard to an approved burial policy for a low rate.

Cancer Patients that are Likely to be Accepted by a Burial Insurance Company with Little Premium

A One-Time Cancer Patient (Someone That Once Had Cancer) Applying for a burial insurance policy for someone who was once a cancer patient who is now free for the last two years gets an active coverage approval after an additional two-year minimum waiting period. 

Such patients get a level burial insurance policy with a low-rate stable premium for the policy period and full insurance benefits.

Acceptance of Burial Insurance Policies for Cancer Patients and the Premium

Accepting an application for a burial insurance policy for a cancer patient by burial insurance company differs depending on the cancer patient’s condition (survival chance).

The patient’s cancer conditions also determine the premium. A Cancer patient with a low survival chance (such as melanoma) is likely to get turned down, short insurance benefits, and a higher premium.

While a cancer patient with high survival chances such as squamous cell carcinoma and basal are likely to get their burial insurance accepted with the full insurance benefits and lower premium. 

It is also essential to know that the cancer mortality rate differs with respect to gender and race.

Men have a higher cancer mortality rate compared to women. Asian/Pacific Islander women have the lowest cancer mortality rate, while African American men have the highest cancer mortality rate.

Tips to Help You Answer Questions Asked by Burial Insurance Companies

  1. Understand the status (type, stage) of cancer patients. i.e., go through the possible questions the insurance company is likely to ask you so that you can be in a better position to answer.
  2. Consult an insurance expert.

Tips on How to Buy a Burial Insurance Policy for Cancer Patients 

Can cancer patients purchase burial insurance? Of course, Yes!

Although they are condition of two years waiting period attached to all burial insurance policy that is inevitable, dependent on the cancer status (the time you had cancer, the type of cancer, the stage if it has metastasis to other parts of the body, and so). 

It is quite stressful and costly to purchase burial insurance for cancer patients.

Notwithstanding that present cancer patients only qualify for guaranteed issue life policy with smaller insurance coverage than other burial insurance policy coverage.

Check This Out!

There are various kinds of burial insurance coverage available for cancer patients who want to buy a burial insurance policy.

And you would not be subjected to any medical test; you are only required to answer some health questions.

How Burial Insurance Companies Cover for Cancer.

They are various factors to put into consideration that will determine your expectation given your current cancer status.

It is vital to know that different burial insurance companies have different coverage guidelines. Every burial insurance company is likely to ask about your health with regards to your cancer status.

Factors that Burial Insurance Companies will put to Considerations Concerning Cancer Patients

1. The number of times you’ve had cancer.

2. The last time you had cancer.

3. Your treatment records.

4. Type of cancer you have.

Those are the factors they put into consideration to determine the available burial insurance coverage for you.

Two Types of Cancer that Burial Insurance Companies Don’t Pay Attention to

1. Squamous cell carcinoma.

2. Basal cell carcinoma.

Not all types of cancer are life-threatening; different cancer has a different mortality rate. Most burial insurance companies will clearly state their non-interest for such cancer. It is a no go area for burial insurance companies.

Things You Should Know about Prescription Medications for Cancer and Cancer Treatments

They are some cancer treatment that burial insurance companies classify as cancer. To them, having such treatments is equivalent to being a cancer patient.

Such treatments are:

1. Chemotherapy

2. Hormone therapy

3. Surgery

4. Immunotherapy

5. Radiation.

They are drugs prescribed for cancer patients; if you have had such a prescription, burial insurance companies will consider you a cancer patient.

You should also be aware of the first fill protocol of most burial insurance company. 

It is their avenue to check when you first took certain drugs. If you have not been taking those drugs for at least two years, they won’t consider you a cancer patient. 

Some of the prescription drugs are:

  • Abraxane
  • Anastrozole
  • Arimidex
  • Aromasin
  • Doxil
  • Femara
  • Methotrexate
  • Novantrone
  • Nolvadex
  • Tamoxifen
  • Thiotepa
  • Alkylating agents (cisplatin, chlorambucil, procarbazine, carmustine etc.)
  • Antimetabolites (methotrexate, cytarabine, gemcitabine etc.)
  • Anti-microtubule agents (vinblastine,paclitaxel etc.)
  • Topoisomerase inhibitors (etoposide, doxorubicin etc.)
  • Cytotoxic agents (bleomycin, mitomycin etc.)

Are You a Cancer Patient? 

You should know that most burial insurance companies don’t give coverage to cancer patients, and the few that do provide a two-year waiting condition. 

No burial insurance companies also provide instant coverage to cancer patients.

The most beneficial burial insurance policy for a cancer patient is guaranteed issue burial insurance policy because it is a no health question policy. 

Not regarding the cost, guaranteed issue burial policy is a three ways benefit. 

Your beneficiaries get the burial insurance coverage after two years waiting period.

If you pass away by accident during the waiting period, your beneficiaries will still get the full insurance coverage.

If you pass away within the two years waiting period, your beneficiaries will get the premiums you have paid with interest.

Questions Burial Insurance Companies ask Cancer Clients

Burial insurance companies have different health questions, but their health questions are always structured in two-phase: Cancer at the modified division and cancer at the severe division. 

Once you apply for a burial insurance policy, you will have to answer some health questions.

Let’s talk about the two divisions:

Cancer at the Modified Division 

  1. Have you treated any internal cancer for the last two years? 
  2. Have you been counseled to visit chemotherapy for cancer in the past two years? 

Cancer at the Severe 

  1. Are you presently a cancer patient? 
  2. Has it circulated over the other section of your body? 
  3. Have you had cancer more than once?

If yes, is it of the same type or different type of cancer? 

Knowing that burial insurance companies are different, those are the similar question they ask.

You should know that the answer you provide them will determine if they will offer you coverage.

Answer yes to all those questions means they will reject your application instantly. 

What to Expect as a Cancer Patient

You cannot get a burial insurance company that will ask for your cancer records for the past 1 year.

As we have rightly said, all burial insurance company has a similar guideline policy of checking your cancer records for the past two years. 

Meaning if you’ve had cancer within the past two years, you will be subjected to some of their conditions (two years waiting period).

You Were Once a Cancer Patient in the Last Two Years.

Burial insurance companies consider cancer patients in this section as clients with the highest risk.

Burial insurance companies that will give you coverage will be either a modified burial insurance policy or guaranteed burial insurance policy. 

Note that no matter the burial insurance policy they offer you, you can’t skip a minimum waiting period of two years. 

Modified Burial Insurance Policy: for a modified burial insurance policy, your beneficiaries will not receive the insurance coverage until after the two-year waiting period. 

If you should die within the two-year waiting period, they will only receive the premium you paid and interest. But if you pass away by accident, they will receive the full burial insurance coverage. 

Guaranteed Burial Insurance Policy: few burial insurance companies that offer guaranteed burial insurance policy don’t ask health questions or medical exams. 

The guaranteed burial insurance policy provides inferior insurance coverage compared to other burial insurance policies.

It can cover only funeral and burial costs. Middle-age cancer patients, who want to secure their dependent academic fees, guaranteed burial insurance coverage small to cover such.

You Once Had Cancer Three Years Ago but Have Not Treated or Had Cancer for Two Years

Three years ago, you were once a cancer patient, but presently you have not had or treated cancer for the past two years. 

You are in a greater position to get a burial insurance policy with little cost and high and instant coverage because most burial insurance companies are mostly concerned with two years of your health status.

Therefore, you can reply to their questions with no.

You’ve Not Treated or Had Cancer in the Past Three Years

Suppose you are in this division, better! Because no burial insurance company will reject your application since their cancer health questions are within two years. 

Therefore you can select any burial insurance policy with the best burial insurance coverage and smaller premium, a level burial insurance policy.

Tips on How to Get the Most Beneficial Burial Insurance Policy for a Cancer Patient

They are many factors to consider in looking for the most beneficial burial insurance policy for a cancer patient. 

1. It is safer and better to work with an independent burial insurance specialist. 

2. No burial insurance company conforms to everyone’s desire, so it is vital to visit as much a burial insurance company as possible. 


Understanding the chances of your survival as a cancer patient will help you determine the cost of burial insurance policy and its benefits. 

The type and stage of cancer will also determine the type of burial insurance policy.

Buying a burial insurance policy puts your loved ones and family in a better position for a future event. 

Just get started by completing our instant quote tool or give us a call at 888-810-9723 to compare insurance rates from all of the superior carriers we represent, including those for cancer survivors.

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Al Kushner
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