#1 Best Seller: The Savvy Guide to Buying Burial Insurance by Al Kushner

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Are you new to burial insurance and worrying about making big burial insurance mistakes that will cost you greatly down the road? Many new burial insurance applicants have the same concerns.

Having helped thousands of burial insurance clients navigate their entry into preparing for their final expense, Al began to notice over the years that people tend to make the same set of mistakes with burial insurance time and time again.

They usually make these errors because people just didn’t know any better. After all, there is no class or program that prepares people for how to apply for burial insurance to pay for their final expenses.

What the Savvy Guide to Buying Burial Insurance Covers

In the new book, the Savvy Guide to Buying Burial Insurance, which is now available through all major book retailers, Al covers what mistakes people make and how to avoid them.  Too many people make the wrong choices when it comes to buying burial insurance. If it is not done properly, you could be paying more in premium, face long waiting periods or worse being declined.

Fortunately, you can learn from other’s mistakes and be prepared before speaking to an agent about it. In this no-nonsense guide, author Al Kushner shows how to avoid the mistakes that could damage your chances of taking care of your funeral expenses. You will get the lowdown on level, graded, modified and guaranteed-issue policies and how to find the right agent for you. There is even a checklist to guide you on what issues to discuss with them.

The book also covers:

  • Can I Get Burial Insurance with No Waiting Period?
  • Will My Premiums Increase?
  • Can I Get Coverage with Pre-existing Conditions?
  • What Is the Difference Between Burial and Final Expense Insurance?
  • Can I Get Coverage If I’m Over 70?
  • What Insurance Company is the Most Affordable?
  • Can I Get Approved in 30 Minutes?
  • Can I Be Guaranteed Acceptance?
  • How Can I Buy Burial Insurance for My Parents?
  • And much more!

The Savvy Guide to Buying Burial Insurance provides the essentials you need to know about final expenses. The only mistake you could make now would be to ignore it.

About Al Kushner
Al Kushner
He is a recognized financial educator, best-selling author, speaker, underwriting specialist and the founder & CEO of Superior Mutual, an independent insurance agency. He has helped families and individuals preserve, protect, and pass on a legacy since 1986. His mission is helping hard working seniors keep more of what they have worked a lifetime to save.

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